Below are the credits from the film.  Like any film, there were many more people involved, but this list is limited to what made it to the head title sequence and the end titles.  (If someone out there would like to be added, like someone from that Fall of 1983 Cinematography I class, please send me a message on the contact page.  If you’d like to be removed, too bad.)

Head Credits

  • Based on a story by Henry Slesar
  • Adapted by David Rickett
  • Richard Sarro as Gordon Brinton
  • Scott Taylor as David Bliss
  • Harold Kershner as Ed Kellerman
  • Produced by Gerald Wenner
  • Directed by David Rickett

End Credits

  • Supporting Cast
  • William Flynn as Yank
  • Kathleen Tallcouch as Mrs. Brinton
  • Robert Nolfi as the Cop
  • Georgette Ekart as the Scared Witness
  • Alex Leyton and Greg Swan as Other Witnesses
  • Henry Minot as the Newscaster
  • Bar Patrons
  • Mark Mannet
  • David Severence
  • Dianne Gorbach
  • Dyanne Puglia
  • Gerry Wenner
  • Music written and arranged by Fred Rossomando & Lee Walkup. Recorded at Grace Recording Studio.
  • Editor – David Rickett
  • Assistant Editor – Evans Brasfield
  • Assistant Director – Karin Rainey
  • Production Manager – Dyanne Puglia
  • Camera and Sound – Cinematography I Fall ’83
  • Studio Photography – John Travers
  • Set Construction – Rick Underhill
  • Automobile Unit – Ed Newins, Jon Nussbaum, John Travers, Dan Karlok, Steve Cioffi, Robert Bullard